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Biker Jackets

Biker Jackets

Whether or not you actually have a motorcycle, having a biker jacket is simply cool. Having an ultra-feminine look is nice, but sometimes you just want to be edgier. This has been rising in popularity over the past few years, making them a staple in most closets. The reason for this is that this is actually a very versatile piece of clothing that can work well in every season.

If you have recently bought your first leather biker jacket and want to get some ideas how to style it up, here are our suggestions:

  1. Spring Ideas

You would be surprised how well that leather piece can glam up your floral dress. This way, you also stay a bit warmer on those cooler spring days. 

Another option is to wear it with a tulle skirt for that ballerina-and-rock combination. Or if you are looking to keep it casual, wear a colorful top and your favorite jeans.

  1. Summer Ideas

Although it might be too warm at times to wear that bomber jacket, you can simply roll up the sleeves and have an extra layer when it becomes cooler in the night. Wear it with a maxi dress and your favorite sandals, but do not forget your sunglasses to complete the outfit!

  1. Autumn Ideas

Motorcycle jackets can be your favorite piece in this time of the year. As the temperature falls and the days shorten, it becomes time to go from your spring and summer colors to the more muted shades of autumn.

You can pair it with a plaid shirt and some leggings and boots for a laid-back look, or even with your favorite boyfriend pants for a street glam appeal. 

A white dress with black stockings and leather jacket, along with your favorite ankle boots, can be the appropriate attire for a date. Or wear it with a work skirt to appear both professional and tough.

  1. Winter Ideas

On milder winter days, your leather jacket should be warm enough. Pair it with an oversized sweater to keep you protected from the chilly wind. This piece is also amazing with scarves, tights, and long boots, classic pieces during the cooler times.

  1. Play it Up with Colors

This jacket can also be bought in different colors. For example, a beige version and a striped shirt or dress is a popular combination. Or, wear your black one with red pants for a striking color contrast.

  1. All Black Combination

You can always opt for wearing black from head to toe, for a tough but glamorous look.

These are only some initial ideas for you but do not be afraid to mix and match, and create more creative outfits with your motorcycle jacket!