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Tips for Buying Bikinis

If you're in the market for a new bikini swimsuit, you might be unsure about where to start. There are many brands, styles, prints, colors, and sizes to choose from. The good news is that the following tips can help you to choose wisely:

1. Don't focus on the latest trends

As with other types of clothes, the "in thing" in the world of bikinis tends to change each season. The problem is that you might choose a style such as a micro bikini that doesn't look good on you. There's also the issue that you'd have to spend more money on swimsuits than you probably should.

2. Shop around for best price

A general rule is that once you find a bikini you want to buy, make price comparisons at a minimum of three stores, whether they're physical stores or online stores. That will help to make sure that you're not paying the highest price for your bikini.

3. Make sure you're ready for a bikini

This an important issue because you don't want to buy a bikini and then find out you have "buyer's remorse." A bikini shows lots of skin. So if you're not ready for that situation, and you think you might feel self-conscious, then you should probably buy a one-piece swimsuit instead.

4. Ask around for suggestions

While you should avoid trends, you might have friends or family who has been pleased with a particular bikini brand, style, etc.

5. Consider your body shape

Whether your body shape is an hourglass or pear-shaped, appropriate bikinis will look best on you. Focusing on specific physical characteristics is important. That includes the chest size and torso length. That will help you to choose the right one.

It's important not to use old-school body shapes. Instead focus on factors such as broad shoulders, big bottom, and others. It will help to choose a bikini such as a Brazilian bikini that looks good and fits well on you.   

6. Don't buy a bigger size for more coverage

This might seem like a logical choice to show less skin. The problem is that it will look like the two-piece swimsuit has too much fabric. It's better if the swimsuit has a snug fit.

There are different types of bikinis that provide more coverage. If you choose the right style such as a push-up bikini you can still show some skin, but you won't feel half naked at a beach or pool.