Any grown-up woman needs a good blazer in her wardrobe for those job interviews and other professional events. Smart, chic and respectable, they can easily dress up a shirt or blouse. Although a red blazer is also good for other events, the basic purpose of wearing them is for work or the office.

You can easily find them in many stores around. However, there are many reasons to invest in a good blazer. Beyond the quality, buying the wrong one might make it less flattering on you. So these are the things you should consider when you are choosing one:

Color of Your Suit

Some people will advise you to buy something navy or gray because they are less intense as black. However, a black blazer is still the best. Not only is the color slimming, but it is also one of the easiest to pair. Pinstriped blazers are not as easy to partner with other pieces, so it might be better to stick to a solid-colored one in the beginning. This way, you have almost no limit as to what you can wear with it because everything from shirts, blouses, and even sweaters can be worn with it.


There is a reason why you should pay attention to the length of the blazer. You can normally buy them shorter, which means they end just below your waist, or longer meaning just around your waist area. If you are planning to wear your blazer with a skirt or even a dress, then the basic rule is to choose the shorter one. A longer one looks more suited with pants.

Single or Separate?

Blazers are actually sold as part of a set as well, either with a matching skirt or pants. This makes it easier to decide what to pair with it, however, you can also decide to buy it single and partner it with other bottom pieces. Just make sure to avoid wearing 2 single pieces of the same color, as the shades might be slightly different. If you are looking for something easy to buy single, consider getting a white blazer, since this is one of the most versatile ones out there.

Although you might buy them for the office, do not forget that your blazer works well with a casual or summer dress, so they can also be used in different occasions. So long as it fits you and flatters your shape, it is a great piece to have around in your closet.