How to Choose the Right Cardigans

A cardigan is a staple piece of clothing fit for any man or woman’s wardrobe. Classy, stylish, and easy to wear, it is favored by many for its flexibility and easy partnership with other articles of clothing. Cardigans have recently become more of a uni-sex garment, which sadly has prompted many men to avoid considering it as a masculine option. However, in some societies the cardigan still remains a top pick when it comes to spicing up the closet and breathing fresh life into your outfit. Here are some tips to help you choose the right cardigan.

Consider Your Shape

The first thing to consider when choosing a cardigan is the shape of your body. Depending on the angle and way that your body is formed, different sizes will suit you while others will not. Knowing your body and knowing what looks good on you is the first step to really looking good in new clothes. If you have full hips and thighs, it’s best to avoid cropped cardigans and anything that will pull across your hips. You want to pick one that will accentuate your figure. Opt for a draped style with an asymmetrical or rounded hem, as it will end up looking more flattering than a straight line that cuts across the thighs. In the same sense, if you find yourself having received the gift of endowment, look for V-necks. The diagonal lines seem to create a slimming effect, and the buttons are usually lower down so it will not cause any unnecessary strain across the chest.

Choose Your Color

Select a color that reflects your attitude, personality, and ethnicity. Darker colors like red and purple tend to go well with Caucasians while green, white and lighter colors look good on Asians. If you are a bubbly and fun type of person who sparks with energy, try going for green, yellow, pink, or blue. Ensure that your color suits your overall style well, and your outfit will look all the better.

Choose Your Price

You can buy all sorts of cardigans in multiple shapes and sizes, but be sure to stay practical. Don’t buy another cardigan if its summer and you live in a tropical climate. Cardigans don’t do much in terms of keeping you warm either, so don’t bank on them during wintertime.

Take your time choosing your cardigans, and they’ll serve you well!