Types of Chokers

Women love to accessorize. Whether it be necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or handbags, accessories have been our best friend for many years. Styles come and go and then come back. This pattern has repeated itself over and over which makes accessorizing and styling outfits that much more fun! Chokers, for example, were incredibly popular during the 90s. Recently, they have been sneaking back into the fashion industry and we couldn’t be more excited! Have you ever considered accessorizing with a choker? Read below to understand the different types of chokers and when to wear them! They are great to wear on multiple different occasions!

Chokers are making their come back now as a hot accessory trend! Of course, we have modernized them to fit our high demands from our accessories. For example, they can be used with our more modern pieces such as leather jacket combos with tank tops. They also look great with dark denim and a spunky bomber jacket. A black choker looks great with either of these options. There are also d-shaped jokers now which add that much more edge to your outfit.

On the more elegant side, there are lace chokers. Pearl chokers are among the most elegant in the world of chokers. As with any other choker, it sits high and snug around your neck. Pairing a pearl choker necklace with an evening gown and a lovely pair of high heels will have every eye in the room, on you!

Choker necklaces also come in all sizes and shapes now! There are various types of chokers. They are also made to be more comfortable than they once were. The classic image we all think of when we hear the words “choker necklace” is the uncomfortable wire chokers we all worse back in our teenage years.

Since then, chokers have become modernized to fit our stylish and fabulous needs. Chokers are now made out of a variety of materials such as lace, cloth, zircon, gold, and silver. These simple and easy accessories will complete any outfit with that edgy and elegant touch. These are easily paired with other accessories such as earrings or bracelets. If you were initially not one to hop on the choker necklace band wagon, reconsider your options! There are many more styles and sizes that are made to be more comfortable and fabulous for even the pickiest of accessorizers!