Daytime Coats


In every season except summer, a coat is needed to survive the cooler temperatures. There are many different types that are used for various climates, styles, and occasions. Although you can, of course, easily have 20 pieces in your wardrobe, the reality is that they take up so much space and will cost you in the end. 

Instead, try to invest in 10 key ones that will last you from autumn all the way to the last cool days of spring. With these must-haves, you will also have whatever you need, regardless of occasion and season:

1. Peacoat

This woolen, double-breasted classic coat normally ends below your hip and can be worn on those cooler days all the way to winter. A black or neutral peacoat or one of a darker shade can be part of your daily attire. 

2. Classic Trench Coat

This coat used to be part of the British Army uniform but has now evolved into a fashionable and elegant coat perfect for weather in between the seasons. With its ten-buttoned, double-breasted look, it can be rainproof to keep you dry and can be found in its classic beige and darker shades. 

3. Fuzzy coat

A real or a faux fur coat is one of the warmest coats to wear. But this is not the only thing that makes it great. It can dress up your outfit and turn heads wherever you are. 

4. Bright color coat

If you have a peacoat in a dark or neutral color, you might want to have another one in a more catchy color. This way you have something for more casual events.

5. Blazer

A tailor-fit blazer is great for the beginning of autumn or end of spring, and can make you look professional and chic.

6. Cape coat

Common during the medieval times, it was often found with a hood. Nowadays, a loose, belted cape coat is a unique but classy piece to have in your closet.

7. Raincoat

This is simply a must have for those days when it's pouring out so that you can remain dry and stylish at the same time.

8. Parka

If you are living in places where it goes down to negative temperatures during winter, a parka is simply necessary to stay warm and healthy.

9. Leather jacket

This classic piece will never go out of style and is one of the most versatile and edgy jackets to have. 

10. An Odd Piece

The last spot is for an odd, crazy jacket. Whether it’s a leopard print jacket, or a huge, loose coat, you can invest in a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.