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Cropped Jackets

Layering is key to creating many looks from a few basic pieces, and this is why your closet should be full of items that you can easily mix and match. Other than cardigans, which are sometimes looser, and blazers, which might be too formal, you can also opt for cropped jackets as a layer for your outfit. Not only are they versatile, going from casual to professional and even dressy, but they still offer structure.

Although it is one of the easiest items out there to wear, you should still take note to choose the right one based on your body type.

For taller women or those with longer arms, a cropped faux leather jacket might look small on you. The length of the sleeves is key, make sure you go for those with full, rather than ¾ sleeves.

If you have a shorter torso, then this is the perfect piece for you! However, be careful, as this might highlight your short waist. Therefore, make sure to pair it with monochromatic items to make your torso look longer.

Bottom heavy women can wear cropped motorcycle jackets that provide shape to your waist. Something that is too wide will make you lose your shape. An additional tip: choose one that has sleeves either shorter or longer than the hem of the jacket. Should they be the same length, it will still make you look boxy or wide. 

Now that you know which type will fit you, here are some ideas to style it up:

For Work

As opposed to a cardigan, a cropped jacket with your basic work dress will make you look more professional. It can also be perfect for chillier days or when they crank up the air-conditioning at the office. 

For Cooler Days

Cropped winter jackets will look amazing with a maxi dress. The shorter length will balance the length of the dress, and at the same time, make you look longer. 

For a Casual Summer Look

An everyday easy outfit would be a long or loose top with that cropped jacket. The combination will balance the short length of the coat and create a nice layered look. Keep it unbuttoned and pair it with your most comfortable jeans for a perfect street look.

These are just basic ideas on how to mix and match your cropped jacket. Don’t forget to be playful and creative, and come up with your own outfits!