Cropped Tops

Cropped Tops

This seasons, crop tops are one the trendiest pieces of clothing visible everywhere. We’ve seen famous personalities channel their inner basic with just a white crop top and pair of jeans, and they’d still look fabulous. The history of crop tops, also known as midriffs, go way back during the 80s where superstars like Madonna use them all the time - whether in concerts, public appearances, or errand runs on a typical day. During the 90s, singers like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears rocked them low-waisted pants. It’s no different nowadays.

Crop tops have become such a staple during summer that people sometimes believe that it’s best worn only under the sun. But midriffs have made a great comeback since their styles become more versatile to different climates and occasions. Adding a few pieces to your look can definitely elevate your cropped top ensemble. 

From the name itself, a cropped top is a type of shirt that is cut short than the typical length so it reveals the lower torso of the person. We know that it can be revealing, but with a long sleeve crop topit can compensate for the amount of skin on display. Even if you’re wearing a belly shirt, somehow you feel a bit modest because of the sleeves. Plus, you won’t have to worry about having goosebumps during the cold weather since the sleeves can cover them up for you. 

The most popular opinion of cropped tops is that they’re too casual. Well, we’re telling you that that’s not the case all the time. Fashion houses have recently released lace crop tops that can fit a more formal and sophisticated dress code. Since the hem of the shirt is short, we recommend you to wear high-waisted trousers, suit pants, or skirts. This way, people will only get a glimpse of your skin. A bonus for wearing these combos is also added height since they will give the illusion of longer legs. 

With the many styles and ways you can wear your midriffs, we’re telling you that they’re surely here to stay. Of course there will be times when cropped tops are a big no-no, but that shouldn’t always restrict you from wearing them and flaunting those flat stomachs of yours. Just keep in mind of the setting and the circumstances, at the same time, let your inner fashionista guide you in deciding what to wear.