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Crossbody Bags

Crossbody Bags

A great bag is something that is easily accessible but at the same time, leaves your hands free. This is a perfect description for crossbody bags. Because they are worn across your body with a strap, your arms are free without making it difficult to get your stuff, like if you are bringing a backpack. 

Do not confuse that crossbody purse for a messenger bag. Though similar in design, the men’s version is much bigger and more purposeful. The women’s bag, on the other hand, can be one of the most stylish yet handy pieces you can own. They are normally around the same size as a clutch bag, which means there is enough space for only the most valuable items like cellphone and wallet. 

Still, there are different varieties that are available. There are more casual and cheaper ones that are great for day-to-day use. These are normally bigger to accommodate more personal items, and the materials can vary, from cloth to leather. 

A designer black crossbody bag is, however, another story altogether. These smaller and very handy versions are the type that can be worn from day to night. You can use it on a date, or even when you go out clubbing to secure your most valuable possessions. Find one of shiny leather with a gold strap for an elegant one.

What else should I consider when choosing the right bag for the occasion?

First of all, the event will dictate what is most appropriate. After all, who would bring a huge bag full of unnecessary things to a formal event like a wedding? Basically, you just need something for your most important items and basic make-up for touch-ups. This is why crossbody bags are normally found in the same size as your clutch.

Next is to match the bag with your outfit. A black bag is always classic and will match all colors. However, if you are wearing very casual clothes, a dressy crossbody bag might not match the overall look. Something more casual like brown, neutral or even a bolder color might be more appropriate then. 

There are also crossbody bags that are actually convertible, meaning you can store the strap inside and voila, an instant clutch! These versions are very handy and even more flexible. From casual to formal, you can use the same bag.

Their small size and flexibility make these bags a great purchase. Because they are also tinier, you can expect to spend less, giving you a chance to buy more than one!