Flared Pants

Flared Pants

How to Wear Flared Pants

Are you tired of wearing the same old skinny jeans for years? We’re telling you that it’s high-time to break free from those tight trousers of yours because flare jeans are back in the scene. Back in the 70’s, this style of pants represented the retro trend - whether it’s denim, solid cotton, or silk-blend. We all know that things come and go, but this fashion item is definitely here to make its comeback. 

We know that it’s a bit intimidating to wear bell bottom jeansbut if matched with the right tops and accessories, we know that you can rock this style too. As long as you know some tips in how to properly wear them, you can treat this modish trousers as your typical pair of jeans.

Knowing your body’s proportion is the first key to having flattering flare pants. Take note that your height and figure play a big role in finding trousers that can accentuate your build. If you are short, you can opt for something slightly longer than your usual pants. For this to really work, we suggest that you grab your best heels or clogs and make sure that the hem is an inch or two longer than your ankle. 

Been wanting to show off your body contour? You’ll see this effect with high-waisted flare jeans. Thanks to this kind of jeans, you’ll be giving off an illusion of having long legs and a small waist. Once again, the best finish is either a pair of high-heels or accessories around the waist. Rather than leaving your waistband bare, add a trendy or chunky belt that will emphasize your hips and waist. 

We also know what you’re thinking, when it comes to wide-leg pants, it’s either you go for the boho or retro vibe. You don’t have to stick around these rules and vogue; you can play around this article of clothing. If you need to pull-of a professional ensemble, tuck in a solid-color button down tops, add a suit blazer and wear it with eye-catching pumps. For a subtle sexy look for a night-out with your friends, we’d wear it with a tailored or structured crop top and a statement necklace. Want to dress down a bit? Pull out a basic white tee or tank, flip over a printed scarf, and voila, you’re good to go. 

Following these hacks and hints can push your confidence levels higher when it comes to wearing this chic pair of pants. So don’t be overly dependent on your pair of jeans, because these trousers can no doubt give you more, if not the same, amount of flair.