Fur and Shearling Jackets

Fur and Shearling Jackets

Just like in any item of clothing, there can be many styles of coats and jackets out there to choose from. Although they are a necessity during the colder times, they can still be used as a means to dress up and be stylish. A fur or sheepskin coat are both very warm and luxurious at the same time.

Choosing the right one for the occasion is key. Because they are available in all lengths and various colors, they may not be appropriate for all the time. Here are some important tips to know what to wear for a specific event:

1. Stole

fur coat that is only on your shoulders is a great outer layer on formal occasions, like going to the ball or the opera in your finest evening gown.

2. Vest

This is more appropriate for casual days, also when it is not too cold for a full jacket. What makes them stylish is the fact that it provides a furrier layer that instantly glams up your outfit.

3. Bolero

A cape version with sleeves will not hide what you are wearing underneath and still keep you warm. 

4. Full length

There is nothing more elegant than a full mink coat, perfect for very important appointments and formal events when you want to wow everyone.

5. Three-quarter length

This is a more flexible piece, making it the best first investment. The reason for this is that they can be worn on both casual and dressier occasions.

6. Short or cropped

This is one of the most fashionable versions that can be worn also for outdoor activities. 

Beyond the length, another important thing to consider is the color. Different furs have their own shade that distinguishes them from one another too. For example, rabbit can be found in natural or brown shades, while fox is normally in red, white, silver or black hues. Chinchilla is blue or silver and mink can be bought in black, white, brown or gray versions. Shearling can also be bought in most brown hues, as well as black, gray, white and even red.

Black is, of course, the most appropriate for formal events, whereas brown has a more casual look. Natural shades can also be quite flexible. 

Although not the cheapest coats out there, fur and sheepskin are wonderful options for very chilly days, and for those who want to stand out. They have the texture to make them anything but boring, and can easily turn every head. This makes them worth every dollar, especially since with proper care, they can last you many years.