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Types of Gloves and their Importance

Gloves are pieces of clothing that cover full hands. They are made in such a way that they have sheaths for every finger including the thumb.

Those that are open, without a sheath that covers every finger are referred to as fingerless gloves. These have a large opening instead of a single opening for every finger. They are sometimes called gauntlets, otherwise the term doesn’t necessarily mean fingerless.

Gloves that cover the full fist or hand, but which don’t have sheaths or separated openings are known as the mittens. These are also referred to as work gloves. They are warmer than the other types of gloves, since they are designed to keep the fingers warm while in contact.

Importance of gloves

Gloves give protection and comfort ability to the hands against chemicals, diseases, damage by abrasion, cold, and heat. They guard, protect, and prevent the fingers from being injured.

Types of gloves 

Fingerless gloves

These are essential special gloves used where dexterity is needed, but where other gloves are restricted. They are often used by church organists and smokers. Some of them are gauntlet which may extent up to the arm.

The road racing or touring gloves are normally fingerless and are also referred to as cycling gloves. They are also used by guitar players especially when the weather is very cold.

 Leather fingerless gloves


These are special gloves worn on the hands. They resemble ordinary gloves save for the finger region, which is half way and open thus they leave the top part exposed.

These gloves are paddled around the palm area to give protection to the hand, while the part that is exposed doesn’t interfere with gripping and sensation.

They are usually worn by rollerlades and skateboarders to add grip in case of a fall. But they are meant to protect the palms. Fishermen put on fingerless gloves so as to manipulate the line. They are common among people who play the clarinet. The fingertips are left exposed to make it easier to touch screens on tablet computers as well as smart phones. The MMA fighters are supposed to wear such gloves.

 Work gloves

These are used in work places and are specially made to be used by professionals for example doctors and nurses engineers. They purposely protect the hand and finger from getting into contact with harmful substances.

Leather gloves


Leather gives great flexibility and strength. It is comfortable to wear due to its natural special characteristics. It has its own unique variations of conforming to the hand of the wearer.  Leather gloves are soft and malleable.  

Since the leather is delicate and natural, wearers must take precaution to prevent damaging them; wet and damp surfaces will stiffen the leather and discolor the gloves. A task such as wiping a running nose as well as twisting a wet door knob may stain or damage the gloved hand. 

Common uses

Leather gloves  are commonly used in sporting activities: e.g. baseball, handball, cycling and American football.