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 Important Tips for Choosing High Heels

High heels have been with us for a long time and for the true fashion adherents, they are always in vogue. However, fashionable and comfortable are not always bedfellows. As such, if you are a die-hard high heels enthusiast, you may suffer from conditions such as bunions, corns, and fallen arches.  That is why it is important for you to know how you can make them less harmful to your lovely feet.

Here is how to choose high heels:

1. Ensure that you shop for them at the end of the day. This is when your feet are more swollen following a whole day of activity.  Doing so will help you understand better how your heel will actually fit. Trying on your heels in the morning only to have them extremely tight when you put them on in the afternoon is certainly not something you will not like.

2. Put them on and then walk around in them before buying them. In case your feet feel uncomfortable or the heels are tight, it is advisable to pick another pair. As you try walking around in your heels, ensure that your feet feel like they have proper support and balance.

Don’t think that any pain you feel while in the store will go away; it will only worsen. For instance, you are likely to develop a blister if you wear the heels in reality.  You also need to try walking on various surfaces as they will feel different when you walk on a carpet and on harder surfaces.

Evaluate how your toes feel. Don’t choose shoes that are narrow as your toes will be cramped, obviously causing pain.  Wearing heels that lack enough toe space will only increase your odds of developing hammer toes, bunions, corns, as well as arthritis.

Classic pointy toes provide less room than round toes as well as almond toes. Also, pointy toes that have just a slightly rounded almond shape offer additional room than the typical wedge-shaped pointy ones.

A toe box that is deeper offers much more room generally than a shallower toe-box. This means that pointy toes that have deep toes-boxes pinch less than round toes having very shallow toe-boxes.

4. Choose a heel height. The best heel height ranges from 1 – 3 inches.  The 3-inch heel is thought to be a standard height and is acceptable to wear to the office. Heels exceeding 3 inches will alter the way you change and also exert more pressure on your ankle, knees and lower back. But it is important to choose a heel height with which you are comfortable.

A 4-inch heel is suitable for after work wear plus weekend activities, while a 5 – 6 inch heel is more uncomfortable and difficult to walk in. Don’t wear them unless you are planning to wear them for only a few hours.

You can choose nude heels or black heels

5. Make sure you practice walking at home before taking them off. They may become uncomfortable and you can return them to the store provided you don’t wear them outside..