Hoodies and Sweatshirts

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Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Recently, we’ve observed that there’s an increasing number of customers and consumers who look at the quality of products rather than the brand and the design. And somehow, this is a proof that we are all maturing in the way we shop. One of the staples in many closets that will never go out of style are the classic crew neck sweatshirtsMore often than not, they’re the most sought after clothes during the jacket and sweater weather.

With the high demand of these cool hoodiesthere’s definitely no problem in looking for them. Women can find these essentials in department stores, athletic shops, and retail stores. However, it’s not the “where” that should be given attention, it’s the “what” that we should focus on. Rather than knowing where to buy them, you should be aware of many factors to  

Here’s a list of what you should look for in hoodies and sweatshirts.

  1. Good Material. Nowadays, most of the clothing manufactured is a blend of cotton and polyester. But what we’re looking for is something 100% made either in cotton, wool, and silk. Not only are they the best materials for quick water and moisture evaporation, but they can also provide the most warmth and comfort. There’ll be less need for layers and layers of jackets and sweats during winter time. 

  1. Perfect Fit. We know that a black hoodie hasn’t lost its appeal, but what will make you stand out more with such a getup is if it’s fitted to your body. Sweatshirts weren’t made to be skin-tight; they’re supposed to be loose. However, it shouldn’t be too loose to the point of making you look baggy. Just make sure that it’s half-size larger around the shoulders, arms, and the chest, and you’ll look fine. 

  1. Ease in breathing. Material and breathability go hand in hand. If the fabric is made out of 100% cotton or wool, it won’t give you difficulty in breathing because it won’t add too much weight when you wear it. The goal of wearing a sweatshirt is to make you look and feel effortless and comfortable. 

After having three important features checked, you can start styling on how you wear your hoodies and stray for the typical sporty and casual look. Though they resemble this vibe by default, you can still wear them for work wear. We advise you to match your sweatshirt with a crisp, collared top, and slacks and you’re good to go. Finish the look with heels and a statement necklace to add more sophistication to this laid back, yet professional ensemble. 

Yes, looks do matter, but when it comes to clothes, you should also value its features, to make every penny worth it.