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Jeans have really revolutionized clothing for women. Can you imagine living in those times when women were always wearing those gowns and petticoats? But ever since pants became acceptable for the female population to wear, it brought flexibility and freedom like never before. Nowadays, there is hardly any closet out there without at least a pair.

Not only are they suitable for most occasions, they are also available in a variety of cuts that can complement any body type. Although trends do dictate what everyone else is wearing at the moment, there are always the classic styles and cuts that never go out of fashion. 

Going to a store and choosing a pair can sometimes be overwhelming, with the choice between low or high waisted jeans, dark or light wash, and many cuts. Here is a quick guide on the basic ones that you can find in the shops nowadays:

Jean Leggings or Jeggings

Stretcher than its denim version, they are comfortable though tight fitting. They are perfect for autumn or winter because they can be quite warm and look great with boots.

Skinny Jeans

Popular for a few years now, tight fitting denim pants can be found in any store, perfect for that casual street look. It is quite versatile, looking great with any kind of top, from shirts to blouses to sweaters. High-rise versions also pair well with a crop top to show a bit of skin in summer. This combination will make you look long and lean.

Boyfriend jeans

These pants are called boyfriend jeans because they are similar to what your significant other would wear. This means they are not as tight as skinny jeans, making them more comfortable. Best when distressed, though ripped jeans might not be best to wear on some occasions. They are, however, best worn with sandals.

Straight jeans

As the name suggests, this cut means it has the same width from the thigh area all the way down. These are the most popular because they suit almost every body type and works with every look, from casual to professional.

Boot-cut jeans

Designed to be worn on top of a pair of short boots, they are fitted on the thighs but are loose below the knees. This classic cut works well too with flats and wedges.

Flare jeans

Reminiscent of the 60s, they flare out even more than the boot-cut. Not often in season, but perfect for that theme night party.

Whatever the style, cut or color, jeans will always have a place in your closet. Not only do they make you more flexible than skirts, they are also very easy to style and works well with every shoe or pair of sandals out there.