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Types of Rings

Adding rings to your accessory wardrobe is great and simple way to accessorize even the simplest of outfits. What many people don’t realize is that rings can cost much cheaper than they think!

Many people believe that engagement rings should cost an arm and a leg. The Jewelers of America reported that in 2013, Americans spent an average $4,000. This is not incredibly unreasonable as there are some engagement rings that cost triple that amount. Many women appreciate the sentiment behind an engagement ring rather than the dollar amount spent on them.

If you already have an engagement ring but are looking to accessorize your outfits around the ring you already own, there are other ways to do so! If you are looking to accessorize with more rings in addition to the ring you already own, there are various silver and gold rings that are much less attention grabbing than your beautiful engagement ring but will still add the perfect amount of class to you outfit.

We offer a variety of rings to choose from. Some of our rings are much more feminine while others are edgy and would go great with pieces such as a leather jacket. Our feminine rings have various shapes such as flowers. Our edgier pieces are spikey or shaped with more harsh lines.

Another important factor to consider when accessorizing with rings is the shape of the actual band itself. Some of our silver and gold rings have bands that are not strictly shaped in a perfect circle. We also offer rings that go around multiple fingers.

One of our most popular silver rings is one the fits two fingers and rather than featuring stones, it has two perfect and feminine pearls. This pairs great with a silver engagement ring as it does not have stones that will draw attention away from the engagement ring.

Keep in mind that it is possible to accessorize with various other items than just rings. Rings go great with outfits of all occasions. Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are all at your disposal as well! For those with engagement rings and wedding bands, you might be nervous to further accessorize with additional rings, however, when done right you can certainly pull it off! It is all about confidence.

Check out our variety of both silver and gold rings. You will not be disappointed by our selection!