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That classic Japanese kimono has crossed over into the latest fashion trend for spring and summer. Light enough for those warmer days but at the same time, flowy and with beautiful designs to choose from, they are easily more stylish than your boring cardigan. You can also find them in various lengths, from short all the way to ankle-length. 

Just imagine the wind blowing through your wonderful kimono robe over your dress or even your casual shorts and top. You can also leave it loose or tie it with a matching obi belt for the full Japanese look. 

If you find your outfit too plain, for example, a simple white dress or top, you can dress it up quickly and easily by adding a floral kimono. There are almost no rules when it comes to pairing your kimono because it goes with anything and everything. This means, all kinds of pants, tops, dresses, skirts, and shoes. And don’t you just love how endless the choices can be when it comes to colors and patterns? It makes every piece look easily unique.

Closing it with a belt can transform it into a kimono dress, somehow like a wrap around dress. You can turn it into a beautiful attire fit for a night out or a date. You can also opt for a version with some fringes for added drama and flair.

Your kimono can serve different purposes as well, like a nice cover-up for your swimsuit on the beach, and with its light material, it even dries so quickly! In fact, once you get used to wearing yours, you might easily decide to add it to almost every outfit. It loose fit actually accentuates a slim figure, and can also hide bulges because of its volume. Therefore, it is a piece for every woman out there.

Don’t hesitate to collect different colors and patterns for an easy and light cover-up in those great sunny days. To achieve variety, choose ones with different lengths. Every single piece will surely evoke a sense of femininity and style, as well as a touch of oriental chic. Our patterns will be eye-catching and stand out in any crowd. Add a couple of obi belts or even real kimono dresses into your collection, and you will end up with a versatile summer wardrobe that can easily go from day to night. 

You can easily browse through our vast collection of kimonos to start dressing up your closet this year!