Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Our closets are ruled by the seasons. When they change, it’s a cue to start cleaning the wardrobe and place season-appropriate garments. After hoarding all the light and breezy clothes in your closet, it’s time to get ready for a cooler weather. Because of this, you’ll soon find yourself exchanging your favourite summer dress for a comfy jacket. 

Jackets are the first thing that we pull out from our drawers when a chilly breeze kisses our cheeks.    We’re proudly telling you that there are many types of jackets that can trump your hoodies or windbreaker jacket in terms of both fashion and utility. Take for example the leather jackets. It’s a staple that can instantly add style to a casual and basic outfit. 

If you have a simple outfit, adding a leather jacket can boost your look in many ways you can’t imagine. Other than adding vogue to your white shirt and jeans combo, it also allows you to layer on and mix and match other items. What’s usually in demand is the classic black leather jacketThe most famous formula for a great leather jacket look is the white shirt and skinny jeans combo, plus boots or high heels. Nonetheless, we’re also encouraging you to try buying those of brown leather, which are as chic as the ones in black. 

Since leather jackets are clothing investments, they have an expensive price tag to match. So if you’re spending an amount of cash for a jacket, make sure to keep these in mind.

  1. Quality. When you buy genuine leather, there’s no doubt that you’ll be keeping this item for decades in your closet. By paying attention to the texture, thickness, and gloss of the jacket, you can get your money’s worth from the purchase. Plus, knowing the type of leather (cowhide, lambskin, goatskin, etc.) will determine the function and feel of the item. 

  1. Length. The length of jacket can flatter one’s body and overall ensemble. If you’re wearing a dress, having a cropped leather jacket suits perfectly. Besides this, it should proportionate to the height and build of the person. 

  1. Details. Everything counts - from the cut, to the lining, to the buttons, and to the zipper. These little things can also make you stand out, so it’s important to consider them when buying. 

Good quality leather jackets can last a lifetime and when treated with care, will only look better and better with age.