Green Leggings

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Modern women no longer have to worry about having restricted activities due to heavily structured pants. We now have the option to sport those ever comfortable leggings anywhere we want. Yes, nowadays, there are different types of leggings we can wear to suit the different occasions.

Basic Leggings

Basic leggings are your typical black leggings used in sports, dances, or in casual wears. They are stretchable (of course) and very light. We, women, can easily move in a good pair of leggings. We can hike, jog, twist, and jump however we want. 

Basic leggings are versatile. Some women pair them with an elegant shirred top for a nice date-night outfit. A few others experiment with different colors of leggings for a livelier look. 

Color is critical to consider, especially when choosing for leggings. As always, you need to dress appropriately. Choosing neon colored silk leggings would look off for casual dates or study nights with friends. So before buying, make sure you know where and how to wear your leggings.

Leather and Silk Leggings

Typically, leggings are made from spandex, cotton, or nylon. But with the evolution of fashion, modern types of leggings are now made from other materials including leather, wool, and silk. 

Leggings are no longer just restricted to gyms and sports events. They can be worn when going to clubs and parties. Silk leggings are great for outdoors or for physical activities; wool leggings for fashionable events or for casual days. They're both great materials, but leather leggings have been become quite a fashion staple for many women regardless of age.  You can wear tank tops, collared and puffed blouses, or plain tees over your sleek and shiny leather pants or leggings. In an instant, you get that rockstar or cool gal look when you have a good pair of leather pants or leggings. Leather for leggings is surprisingly comfortable to wear as well.

Stylish Leggings

Leggings have become more and more stylish these days. Some are tattered, buttoned, and belted. For a rebellious or laidback look, you can pair loose-fitting boyfriend shirts over tattered leggings. For a classy wear, you can have basic leggings paired with cashmere sweaters.

Wearing leggings can be that fun and creative. Who would have even thought that high waisted leggings can ever be invented? Yes, that's right, women can now have their cropped tops paired with high waisted pants or leggings. The entire ensemble would make anyone's silhouette even more defined. 

Now you know there can be more to just the black and white leggings we normally see. The next time you shop, you know very well what type of leggings to look for.