Long Sleeved Tops

Long Sleeved Tops

Long sleeve shirts are a staple in your closet, perfect for any day of the year. Whether as an inner layer on a cold day, as a day-to-day top or even as part of your work wardrobe, you always have a need for them. They can also help protect your skin from the sun, from mosquitoes or from the cold. When you a buy a long sleeved top, you should be aware of the many different kinds out there, and for which occasion they are suitable for:

Collared Shirt

Not only are they dressy and professional for daily use at work, but they are also crisp and feminine. They are perfect with dark pants, skirts, and even shorts. The main consideration in buying a black long sleeve shirt is the fit. Something too loose will cover your curves and look unflattering. This is why ones with stretchy material are the most popular ones out there.


Looser and less formal than a collared shirt, they are still quite suitable for professional settings. They are also normally made of lighter material and are very feminine at the same time. What’s best about a blouse is that it fits various occasions, from work to casual and even formal events.


Long sleeve T-shirts are perfect for layers, especially during the colder months. You can find them plain or printed, loose or tight. They are perhaps one of the most basic pieces of clothing that you can find everywhere. They are very comfortable as well, especially when they are made of 100% cotton. You can also find them available in various necklines, from v-necks, scoop and crew necks to fit different body types.

Cropped Tops

As opposed to a T-shirt, a long sleeve crop top exposes a bit of skin in the stomach area. Very trendy these days, they are great to wear with high-cut jeans, shorts, and skirts. Not only are they sexy and feminine, but they work well too with various pieces like kimono robe, or even with overalls!


Perfect for winter, they cover up your neck to protect it from the cold air. However, did you know that they are also great with interesting necklaces?

Not only do we have the various types of long sleeve shirts for you to choose from, you can also be assured that they are of the best quality material and are comfortable for you to wear every day. You can browse through our collection and find the right type and cut for your body type and for every occasion!