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Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts for Every Occasion

Love a good maxi skirt? The time has never been as perfect with new and amazing styles, types and designs that will help you look beautiful. They say beauty comes from the soul but a maxi skirt at times will also do the trick. If you are on a mission to discover a fun look for a fun time then you have found the perfect solution with a maxi skirt. Ruffled, floral-beach, swing, Casual Zipper, organza stripes and Casual Linen make up for just a few of the enormous amount of styles available so that you are never short on choices.

Bohemian chic lovers rejoice because maxi skirts are here to stay! The hippie styles reminiscent of the 60s and 70s are making a huge comeback, and flowing long skirts
are one of the season’s must-haves. Although many women have a perception that they do not suit every body type and height, all it takes is combining it with the right top and accessory to make it work for you. 

What makes these skirts even more popular is that they actually have a variety of cuts and fabrics, all of them embodying a feminine style. You can wear an A-line cut 
black maxi skirt with a button-down shirt and a bold necklace for a professional look. What we also recommend for an edgier look is to partner that tulle skirt with a leather jacket and smoky eye make-up. Or, you can pull-of a bit more tomboy look by wearing sneakers and a loose top.

The looks you can create with the maxi skirt can be endless. After all, with the equally numerous styles and prints available, your sequin skirt can even go from casual to a more formal attire. They even go well with all types of footwear, whether sandals, sneakers, heels, and boots. 

Another way to dress up your maxi skirt is to wear it with one of the trendy things out there now: cropped tops! You can then either show off a little bit of skin or pull up the skirt a bit higher. Some even decide to transform it from a bottom piece into a dress, using a belt to highlight the waist.

It is very difficult to go wrong when it comes to maxi skirts. You can even buy a few and dress them up with different tops and accessories, and come up with numerous looks just from a couple of pieces. And because it can go well with long-sleeved tops and even thicker sweatshirts, you can wear these pieces the whole year round. Of course, those of chiffon or tulle might need some layers under so you do not end up feeling a bit colder under!

There is nothing like a maxi skirt to make you feel more feminine and the closest to being a princess as possible. With the flowing material, you are the essence of elegance and style. At the same time, there is no fear of the skirt blowing up like with mini ones, so you are always the perfect picture of beauty and femininity.