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Midi Skirts

How to Rock Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are back in fashion! Falling between the knees and the calf, they can be either voluminous or even pencil cut. At the same time, they can be found in various fabrics, from flowing light chiffon to denim ones as well. This is such a popular look now that it has crossed over into office wear, especially worn with a smart blazer or blouse.

Although the mini skirts are still here to stay, women have the option now to show less skin. Midi skirts look more sophisticated, but very feminine and elegant at the same time. Moreover, these skirts make you look curvy by highlighting your waist. 

With the many different types of midi skirts out there, there are many ways to rock this look. However here are our basic guidelines to make it work:

1. Make your legs look longer by tucking your top into your midi pencil skirt. Wearing it with an un-tucked blouse can be trickier and does not give that slimming effect. 

2. Partner it with a cardigan or cropped jacket that is not lower than your waistline. This way it does not cover the long lines and flow of your skirt.

3. Know the right length for you. Although there is a black midi skirt for everyone, choosing the right length can make a difference. For more petite women, one that falls just below the knee is best, while taller ones can pull off longer ones as well. Smaller women might look better though partnering their look with stiletto heels rather than flatter ones.

4. The more volume, the better. That pleated midi skirt or ones with that tulle-petticoat-volume feel to it are not just fresh but do not look frumpy at all. Flared ones with interesting patterns will catch every eye out there when you strut.

5. Don’t know which shoes to partner it with? The straight-cut or pencil midi skirt works best with a pair of high heels. However, an emerging trend now is to partner them with lower shoes or kitten heels, for that Audrey Hepburn-feel. 

6. Make sure to pair your skirt with nude color shoes or sandals that have low color contrast with your legs. This makes them look even longer, though you can also dress it up with some metallic styles for an added sparkle.

Midi skirts can be work all year round because it translates well to every season. A cropped top or a daring off-shoulder one is the perfect look for summer, or a floral blouse makes you bloom in spring. They even look well with knits when it starts to get a bit cooler. The possibilities are endless, so enjoy browsing through our collection!