Knitted Outerwear


Tips for Buying Quality Outerwear

You should never spend less on your outerwear. An awful coat can make or break your entire look. So to avoid looking ridiculous in a mismatched outfit, here are tips on how to choose the right outerwear.

Coats must serve their purpose, and so they need to have good insulation property. You can choose from a wide range of materials including synthetic, wool, fleece, or down. Among the materials, down coats ranked number one in providing the most warmth to users. 

For your winter coats, choose down coats a fill power of 550 to 650. These are lighter and warmer to wear. You can go for above 650 fill power if you intend to have an outdoor activity under cold weather. 

Quality construction is always a must for coats of any kind. Before buying, always inspect the merchandise. Check if there are loose threads, faded parts, or misalignments. The seams must be sealed, lest they go through the linings and insulations. Remember that wind can cut through seams. These are clues of inferior quality.

The fit must come first before design. No matter how posh your coat is, if it looks awkward on you, then it is still a bad investment. Let's take trench coats as an example. If you are petite, you should always consider the length and size of your trench coat. It has to fit you snugly and not dwarf you. Do not ever let your coat wear you. 

Clean lines are attractive for any outerwear. No matter the size of your coat, it always draws attention from people. To look easy and pleasing on the eyes, go for coats with nice minimal lines. But this tip, of course, is relative. Other people like bolder and artistic detailed designs.

Pockets are important, either inner or outer. If you intend to stay outdoor, you should at least have hidden compartments where you can keep your valuables. For fur coats and evening affairs, pockets may not be necessary when you have your purse. The bottom line, keep in mind the purpose of why you are buying a new coat in the first place.

Choose versatile outerwear. Coats cost more than jeans, skirts, and dresses. Hence, you need to choose outerwear that you can use for a wider range of occasions. An office blazer must also be wearable during casual days. Most women go for classic pieces while they keep on a few trendy and stylish items in their wardrobe.