Denim Overalls


Overalls are a great idea when you want to an ultra-casual get-up, or even when you want to look a bit more tomboy. Or so, that’s what you think. Those pair of denim ones that used to be popular when you were a kid is really coming back in season. But what you don’t realize is that they are now available in a huge variety of fabrics and colors. Silk, leather, and even coveralls give us more options to pull off this trend.

They are also not just available in full length, short versions that suit petite women more are becoming trendy. For the vertically-challenged out there, you can create an illusion of endless legs by opting for these. 

Still, there is no denying that the original bib overalls are the most classic version and still the most popular. This is because they just go great with every single top out there. This means shirts, blouses, sweaters and even just a bandeau top. A timeless combination that will never go out of style is a crop top and partially opened overalls. This is a chic way of seeming like you just threw the outfit together without much thought (although, of course, you just meant it to appear that way). Throw in a huge pair of sunglasses and be like a celebrity trying to keep it low on holiday.

If you, however, want to look more feminine and stylish, then go for a pair with a different color or fabric like all-white overalls. Tapered ones or a pair you rolled up a bit at the hem can be paired with heels, a loose blouse and a clutch bag. Taller women can also opt for a flared version or even bell-bottomed denim overalls to show off those long legs. 

You can play around with accessories to create a ton of different styles:

  • A cap and sneakers are perfect for a street look. 

  • Black overalls with a white shirt is the classic contrast combination that is just polished. 

  • Or even go for loose leather ones with a baggy sweater for a grunge outfit.

  • Short floral ones with an off-shoulder crop top and espadrilles for a cute bohemian feel.

In fact, there are so many different ways to mix and match your overalls. You would never have realized that there could be seemingly endless levels of casual you can create with them. This is why they are the item of choice any day and a great investment in your wardrobe.