Winter is coming. Women are now raiding department stores and online shops for a good parka to warm their days. Although the cold season is no time for outdoor activities, you can't help but find yourself walking on your way to a gathering or to the office. You won't worry about styles and designs, if only you're stuck at home. But you're not. So how do you choose the right parka jacket for you?

There is no hard and fast rules in choosing a winter coat. But there are guidelines. Learn some of them.

Your body frame matters. Therefore, choose your winter coat according to your frame. Bulky and fluffy coats make you look stouter and wider. Avoid coats with horizontal lines or with thick insulation if you're conscious about your big size. Petite women must also watch out their jacket purchases. The last thing they want to buy is a trench coat that seems to wear them, instead of them wearing the coat. A jacket may dwarf you, mind you. Ideally, the length of your jacket should be mid-thigh or ankle-length. The fewer straps, attachments, and accessories attached to your jacket, the more you will stand up taller. And yes, choose the right footwear as well. 

Colors add spice to your outfit. Who says winter is all white snow and black hoods? A green parka or perhaps one with yellow polka dots is going to rock your winter days. With colors, there are different shades and variations. It's important that you know exactly the shade of green that brings out the best of your skin color. Your personality also matters. If you're the vivacious type, a flashy red or vibrant orange coat won't pull your confidence down. 

Buy off season to avail discounted prices, but more importantly, buy coats to suit the occasion. Here, we talk about how many coats a woman is allowed to own. Basically, you may choose to own over a hundred or a thousand coats if you want. But on average, a woman must have a winter wear good for a fine dining, a walk in the park, a typical work day, and a regular day at home. Grandmother sweaters are home sweaters. Elegant fur coats are good for evening affairs. Trench coats for busy work days. Down jackets for random days with your girlfriends. And of course, parka coats are a perfect all-around, especially during wild winter days. You can even wear a good fluffy parka within the confines of your home. The key is to choose the design that serves your goal. Designers have never been bolder and more creative with parkas than these days. The faux fur hoods are getting more stylish. The necklines, hems, and straps are varied. You can go for vintage or modern designs. Shearling parkas are even widely used nowadays.

Of course, don't forget quality. All these winter wears must serve their true purpose besides making you look good. They must keep you warm.