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Poncho and Capes

Poncho and Capes

Long ago, the word poncho gave one an idea of that rectangular-shaped outerwear popular with Mexican guitar players. It has come a long way since then, finally making its way into women’s closets. They are now much more stylish, available in various fabrics and styles. 

A poncho is, however, different from a cape. The first one is of one-piece, worn over the head. The latter has an opening and can be fastened in the front. They can also be styled differently. For example, it is good to partner a dress with cape while a poncho works best with something tighter like leggings or skinny jeans. Both are, however, great for in-between seasons when it’s too cold to have no outer layer, but still too warm for a proper jacket. 

The best thing about them is that you can find them in various fabrics, which means there is a poncho or cape for every season:


At the beginning of spring, when the temperatures are still a bit low, a cashmere poncho or cape will provide you with enough warmth. As the days become warmer, though, lightweight fabrics become more preferable, as well as ones made of soft knits and delicate lace. After the dark and dreary winter, you can choose ones with playful pastel colors to celebrate the spring blooms. 


Something made of sheer fabric is actually a perfect cover-up for your swimsuit for those beach days. You can also choose ones with short sleeves and wide necks for those warm days, or something with a shrug style that keeps your arms exposed. Loose knits are perfect as well to let air through.


As the days become cooler again, it’s time to put on something thicker, like a sweater poncho. Materials such as thinner wool, angora or cashmere are perfect. Batwing sleeves reaching your elbow are very chic and are typical for autumn. 


Heavier fabrics like knits and wool and longer styles reaching below the hips are needed to stay warm. Faux fur and leather can be the right fabric for a more formal occasion.

Because of the many variations available, it is really an item for the whole year round, especially when partnered with a nice pin or brooch to accessorize it. Therefore, it can easily transition from casual to a night out in town. This is yet another reason why they make a great addition to your closet!