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How to Choose the Right Sandals

There is one thing that many women’s fashion thoughts turn to when the weather is warm and that is sandals. Sandals are certainly great when it comes to spring and summer and they come in numerous styles – from the delicate to the ostentatious. However, you need to understand the features of various types of sandals to help you decide on the styles that will best complement your attire as well as flatter your shape.

Actually, it should be a matter of fit versus fashion. You don’t want to buy the cutest of fashionable sandals that will end up giving you blisters and making you miserable.  Here are some factors to consider when buying sandals:


When planning to buy a pair of sexy, strappy sandals, comfort may probably not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, this is crucial. You need a pair that will allow you to move about comfortably. So, you should ensure that you get a proper fit. Remember that new shoes usually take some time for the feet to get used to. A pair that is big will make your muscles tense and this may result in skin irritation on your soles and blistering on your ankles. Sandals that are very tight may also result in blisters on the tops of your feet and blisters between your toes.   

Go a Bit Bigger

Sandals differ from other style of shoes. Most people are used to fitting shoes such that their feet fill the shoe wholly. You ought to leave a little bit of room. Your sole should be slightly smaller than the sandal’s sole.  This way, you will avoid the sides of your feet spilling over the sides, and your toes from falling over the front. This will protect your feet from irritation and injury and also preserve the looks of the sandals.   

Go for High Quality Materials

When it comes to shoes, everybody tends to love a bargain. However, a low price should not make you compromise on quality. If you are to enjoy wearing sandals for more than a few minutes, you need to choose a pair that is made of premium quality materials.  Law quality materials can worsen skin irritation and also make the sandals to disintegrate after merely a few uses. Top quality leather, natural fibers and bacteria-resistant rubber are the best options for durable sandals.  

Take Into Account Your Body Shape

There is one important rule that you should bear in mind: not all styles are ideal for all people. This is why you should pick sandals which flatter your body shape as well as your body type.  

For instance, wedge sandals tend to add height and offer versatile style. Besides, they help make heavy ankles to look slimmer.  

Platform sandals have thick soles which also add height and their heels can be designed in various shapes featuring diverse strap styles plus other embellishments.  

Fringe sandals are great although they can be difficult to sport since the right type needs to be paired with the right outfit.

Be Sure of Your Size

There are numerous options for sandals, some of which are from other countries. As such, you may not be acquainted with their sizing convention. It is important for you to be aware of size conversions so as to choose a pair that fits you comfortably.