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Types of Satchels

Women hardly step outside without a bag. Without anything strapped in our shoulders or dangling in the crook of our arm, we feel incomplete. Bags are more than just accessories to the outfit, they’re necessities. We understand the need of having different handbags in different colors for different occasions, and surely, you have one closet (or more) dedicated for their storage. What women like us are aiming for is to have the essential bag that can fit all our personal belongings, at the same time, has style and elegance. And if you’re looking for something that is both functional and fashionable, it’s time that you add the satchel bag in your shopping list.

The satchel was ever since seen as the “professionals’ bag,” since it has the structure identical to the briefcase, only it has flaps in front. Maybe the most iconic image we have in mind of it is an English school boy, carrying a brown leather satchelKnown for its durability and capacity, they are trustworthy holders of our survival kit in our demanding and restless lives.

For quite some time, fashion houses have been manufacturing bags similar to this style. If you’re a busy woman who brings work and personal life everywhere, then you probably own one. But nowadays, the satchel is taking a notch higher by reinventing their designs.

One example is that they are straying from the rigid shape by releasing triangular-shaped satchels and round-edged handbags. Using the same feel and material, these bags no longer look like the doctors’ carryall. Now, they also have more touches of femininity by replacing the material with lace and silk, available in pastel or florals. On the other hand, they also retained the serious yet urban look by adding accessories such as buckles and buckle fastenings, knotted buckles, and even studs. Plus, the straps are also cut a few inches shorter, so that they can pass off as casual, everyday-bags. Moreover, selections of satchel purses in an array of colors are getting the attention of contemporary and modern women like us. 

With the facelift given to this iconic bag, more and more ladies are getting their hands on this great find. Consider the satchel as an investment, a classic that can survive the test of time. Finally, the satchel purses sold today are breaking the vintage school bag stereotype and making itself more appealing, yet convenient, to bag lovers like us.