Polyester Shoes



Types of Shoes and Their Importance

A shoe is worn on the foot so as to protect it and give it comfort when doing various activities. They could also be used for decoration and fashion purposes.

Shoe models keep on changing to respond to trends, culture and purpose. Fashion has been the main element that has for many years been relied on to dictate whether shoes should be high heeled or flat. Some shoes are modeled for certain purposes, for example there are boots that are specifically designed for skiing or mountaineering.

Materials and Manufacture of Shoes

Originally leather, wood, or canvas was used to make shoes. However, since 2010 shoes have been made from plastics, rubber and petrochemical materials. The human foot is adapted to changing climatic conditions where it is exposed to hazards like hot ground and sharp rocks. Therefore, some shoes have been adapted to serve specific purposes, for example steel soled boots found in construction sites.


There is a wide variety of shoes to choose from. However, great varieties are those that are designed to serve a particular purpose.

· Boots are modeled for heavy outdoor activities

· Athletic shoes are made for specific sports such as walking, running etc.

· Some shoes are designed for formal occasions which include wedding, dancing, official etc.


Types of shoes


These are special shoes that cover the foot, the ankle extending upwards as far as the knee, or even to the hip. A variety of boots have a heel that is highly distinct from the rest of the sole though the two could be made of the same material.




They protect the foot and the whole leg from mud, snow, and water, and support the ankle during strenuous activities.


Cowboy boots are a particular style of riding boot which incorporate function to fashion.

Hiking boots or ankle boots are modeled to give an extra ankle support and extra padding for comfort when hiking. They also give comfort when the wearer walks through rough terrains and prevents the feet from being injured by obstacles, rocks, mud, and water.

High heel shoes


There is a variety of shoes for women, including the men’s high heel shoes, which have been accepted as unisex. These categories are:

· High-heeled footwear – It is able to raise the heels 5cm above the toes. They are mostly meant for women and are worn during social outings and formal occasions. They include the kitten heels, which are one and half to two inches high, and stiletto heels which have narrow heel post and a wedge-shaped sole.

· Mules -these are slippers and shoes without fitting on the heel.

· Slingbacks - these have a secured strap behind the heel instead of over the top of the foot.

· Ballet flats - also known as skimmers, ballet pumps, or ballerinas are shoes with a low heel and short vamp showing the instep. They are the best for warm weather and are very comfortable.

· Court shoes - also known as pumps. They are generally high heeled.