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Short Sleeved Tops

Short Sleeved Tops

It’s a good bet that anyone would have a fair number of short sleeved tops in their closet. These versatile and basic items can be worn in any type of weather and every occasion. However, there are different types of tops that can also be recommended for various events:

Button-down Shirts

Short sleeve shirts are perfect for the office. In fact, every woman has a few for every day when they go to work. This is because they are professional, formal and yet, feminine. They are normally cut in a way that they emphasize your curves and what’s best is, they go along very well with your jeans, dress pants, skirt, suit, and even with shorts. Most are made out of cotton, but short sleeve dress shirts can also be found in silk or finer fabrics that are the best choice when you have an important presentation or job interview.


Their softer and flowy fabrics are best during the warmer months because they allow a bit of air to flow inside. But what is even better about them is that a short sleeve blouse is very feminine and relaxing, making it an easy choice to wear every day. They are most suitable for day-to-day wear, but with a nice pair of pants or skirt and your favorite heels, they are appropriate for casual dates or dinner out with friends.

Polo Shirts

They are also collared like shirts but are of completely different material and purpose. A polo shirt is the favorite of more casual or athletic women because they look crisp especially with some khaki pants, jeans or even shorts. Moreover, they go very well with sneakers and a nice cap on sports day.


A printed T-shirt is the top choice for street fashion aficionados. They can be worn loose, which is perfect for those who want to look a bit more tomboy. However, tight and solid color ones can also be found, and these are base items that you can match with other clothes easily. They are always the easiest thing to grab in your closet, but they are found in different fits, colors, patterns and cuts as well, making it easy to diversify your wardrobe.

Off-shoulder Top

This is the typical option for those bohemian style lovers out there, but it is also the daily top for summer when you want to show off a bit of skin. As opposed to T-shirts, they are ultra-feminine and are perfect with a flowery skirt.

From street to night out, you can find the right short sleeve top for every occasion. The trick is to find the right cut and fabric, and dress it up with an appropriate pair of pants or skirt.