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Complete Guide to Shorts this Summer Season

Our legs eagerly await the arrival of summer so that they can finally be free from jeans and tights that were necessary for the colder seasons. Once the sun starts to come out and temperatures rise, it becomes time to head to the beach strolling in our favorite pair of jean shorts

They are versatile and can be styled to suit most occasions. In fact, there are various types and fabrics, along with different lengths and cuts to choose from. The secret is knowing which suits your body type well. 

For example, petite women look great when they choose high-waisted ones that will make your legs look longer. Neutral shoes will make them look endless. Those with fuller figures, on the other hand, should try to avoid bulky cargo shorts that might highlight their thighs. On the other hand, slender ladies can create some more curves by wearing something with pleats.

If you are looking for ideas on which kinds of shorts to wear and how to style it, here are some basic combinations to help you get started:

Tailored shorts

Casual but also semi-formal, you might even be able to wear them to work during summer, so long as your company allows them. You can easily pair them with a shirt and a blazer, and don’t forget those pumps. 

Denim Shorts

Always a classic, they are great on a casual day with some sneakers or sandals and a simple white top. To make it stand out, try to put studs on it yourself or choose one with some embellishments so they can be a bit dressier for a night out.

Leather shorts

These are truly year-round shorts because they are also warm enough for mild winter days. But the summer days do not mean they should be packed away, as they are one of the trendiest shorts to wear this season. 

Lace shorts

Bohemian chicks just love them because they are ultra-feminine and nothing suits those beach days than lace. Complete the look with a floral top and even a loose knit when it gets a bit cooler.

Contrast colors

Black and white shorts are basic pairs you should always have in your closet. They may seem simple, but nothing is more elegant than these classics.

Tweed shorts

Although you might think that they are only for autumn, no other shorts look as good with tights as tweed ones. They also look polished and sophisticated, and professional enough to wear to work.

As summer approaches, it’s time to bring out those shorts and tanning lotion to make your legs shine while strutting around in your favorite pair. With a flowy top, a huge tote and your favorite sunglasses, it’s time to hit the beach and enjoy the sun!