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Skinny Leg Pants

Skinny Leg Pants

How to Choose the Right Skinny Leg Pants

It was in during the 1950s when drainpipe pants first became popular. Now they are back and with more styles than ever. Even women of age 40s and above can be seen wearing denim skinny jeans. That is how popular they have become, almost feeling like it's a necessity to own a nice pair skinny leg pants.

Now the question is, how do you choose the right skinny pants?

First, choose the right material for the occasion. There is a wide selection of materials to choose from which includes denim, wool, silk, leather, cotton, or even velvet. Designers have indeed become more creative to have experimented with the fabric and designs. The most popular among the materials is of course denim. Denim skinny pants are appropriate for casual, semi-formal, and rugged activities. For formal affairs, it is best to go for a smoother or silkier fabric. 

Second, you need to pay attention to styles. Skinny pants vary in fit, length, and designs. There are high waisted pants while there are also low waisted pants. There are tattered jeans, crumpled-looking jeans, and butt-lifting jeans. You decide the style that suits your preference and body type. High waisted jeans, for instance, are perfect for women with an hourglass or pear-shaped body. Women with inverted triangle figure would look nicer with hipsters.

Third and last, you know you have chosen the right skinny leg pants when they fit your body right and when they fit the occasion right. Besides aesthetics, you also need to consider functionality. Why not buy a pair of black skinny jeans? They're classic and versatile; they can be used both for formal and casual occasions. To make the black skinny pants work for you, you only need to be selective with the top and shoes. Experimenting with fabrics is also a good strategy. You can invest in several black pants that vary in fabric (e.g. denim, wool, cotton, velvet). You would be surprised at how black denim pants become suitable for formal gatherings once you accessorize right. While investing in black pants is a wise decision, this does not mean you cannot experiment with colors. Try buying candy-colored pants for a versatile wardrobe. 

There is no hard and fast rules to buying skinny leg pants, however, these tips will enable you to get the value for money. One last tip to remember, choose your shops wisely, perhaps one with the best return and exchange policy. Sometimes pants look good when you fit them at the shop. But once you get home, you realize the pants look awful under normal lighting. The bottom line is you need to be a "conscious" buyer when you shop for pants.