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Types of Sneaker to Go For


As you get older, it becomes difficult to wear heels as often as you would like. You need something that is cute, but which gives enough height.  It should be cheap, hold up well, but stylish. This is where comes in.  We stock medium –top wedge sneakers, silver sneakers and platform sneakers.

Wedge Sneakers


· The wedge height is 2 ½ “

· Man-made

· Rounded toe

The wedges are designed to fit well, are high in quality, and are not overpriced. If you are looking for something that can last for a longer period, the wedge sneakers are certainly something you should consider. They come in unbiased colors: bright magenta/white/black, black white, black/black, canyon grey/white, and many more.  They also come in varying sizes and give you a wide range of choices.


Silver sneakers

If you are looking for silver sneakers that perfectly match your wardrobe, visit and chose those that you will feel comfortable to wear. We offer versatile women’s fashion sneakers that are unique in terms of materials, colors sizes and shape. We stock towering ivory leather platform heel sneakers, including the black and neon yellow, and the white chucks.  They are ideal especially if you are looking for an everyday shoe from the studded leather casuals, to sportier barefoot kicks to hidden wedge sneakers. All you need to do is to select the right shape, style, closure type, and price.  If you have school going girls and you are planning to get them a gift, the silver sneakers would be appropriate for them. They are not just stylish but can be worn with tunic tank and skinny jeans.  

Silver sneakers can also be worn on a casual night out. They can also be combined with black tops, a cardigan and khaki. They are certainly what you need to support your feet and make you look great.

Platform sneakers

These are wedge shoes designed to suit varying environments. The sneakers are rocking the ramp in parties, work place and college campus. They are coming back to dominate the market as they used to 80 years ago. Unlike other shoes that are raised from the heel, the platform sneakers are raised all over.  In fact, this is what has made them to start trending once more. Compared to stilettos, these shoes are much comfortable and will not keep your feet inclined.  They are believed to have immense health benefits since the wedges support the entire foot and will leave you feeling comfortable. They can be worn for many hours without feeling the cramps as you would if you were to use stilettos.