Sports Bottoms

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Sports Bottoms

Gone are the days when the only option to really look classy or cool and comfortable is to wear jeans and semi-high cut leather boots. The continuous innovation in the fashion industry has resulted to the creation of new kinds of clothing such as joggers pants, which are now making hype all over the world. Kids, teenagers, and adults alike are now seen wearing jogger pants for different events. Yes, the latest type of pants can be worn in different events or activities.


Sports Events and Fitness Activities


Though there are standard uniforms that must be worn when playing as a professional athlete, athletic pants can be worn during practices and when doing your own fitness activities. For example, if you’re going to take a jog at the park for a few hours, you can wear athletic or jogger pants to not just feel comfortable but also to look good. Joggers are great because these are clothing pieces that are able to combine function and style. You can also wear them if you’re going to work out at the gym. To comfortably perform your fitness activities, make sure that you wear joggers or sweatpants that are made of cotton.


Ordinary Days Out and Dates


If you need to go to the mall or any place outside your home, you can choose to wear jogger pants to look good without compromising comfort. It’s also comfortable to just wear shorts and slip-ons, but these don’t make you look really good. To feel comfortable but look cool at the same time, wear joggers that are made of light fabrics such as twill chino. To look more casual during dates with your friends or the person you are courting, you can wear a jogger-pant in the standard khaki hue. Don’t wear the sport pants type because people may think you’re going to a fitness event.


Office Work and Company Gatherings


If you’re working in an office, you most probably are required to wear casual to formal clothes. Typically, you’d wear slacks but you can also wear joggers. Just choose the one that is appropriate to a business environment. Choose those that are made of elegant fabrics such as corduroy, wool and tweed. These fabrics make the joggers look casual and formal especially when matched with the right short sleeves or long sleeves polo and other office clothing pieces such as cardigan.


As it seems, wearing jogger pants is the new craze and we understand why. They look good and comfortable to wear.