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Sports Bras

Sports Bras

When engaged into any sports or fitness activity, expect that your breast will move sideways and up and down. This is particularly true if you’re not wearing any support such as a sports bra. The breast is unsupported, it will sag and continuously do so whenever you work out or play sports without bra. The same is true if you’re wearing the wrong sports bra? How then you choose the best one?


Here are some tips you need to consider to end up with the best sports bra:


Cup Size


If your size is A or B, then it is recommended for you to wear compression or shelf bra styles. This is to effectively keep the breast from moving during low or moderate impact workouts. For larger cup sizes such as Ds and for high-impact workouts, you need to wear high impact sports bra. In particular, you need to wear encapsulation sports bras that have individual cups. These are better for women with larger breasts.


Strap Type


The type of strap is important because it will help in providing added support. It’s recommended to choose adjustable straps because these will allow you to adjust the tightness depending on what your activity requires. For workouts like yoga, it’s okay to loosen the strap. But during high-intensity workouts, you need to tighten your bra. With these, it must be emphasized that straps are crucial because they help in reducing breast movement by as much as 74%. This means that the breast is prevented from bouncing whenever you move.


In addition, you also need to consider the type of straps. Are you going to choose wide straps or racerbacks? Wide straps are adjustable and effectively help in the distribution of breast weight. This is crucial for bigger cup sizes such as plus size sports bra. On the other hand, racerback tend to cinch back, which is good because the straps pull the bra closer to your body. AS a result, there is more support. With these, it’s safe to say that wide straps are recommended for women with larger breasts while racerback is for those with smaller cup sizes.  


Aside from these, it’s also very important to consider the type of fabric used. Choose sports bras that are made of moisture-wicking fabric. This means that the bra doesn’t contain or trap sweat or moisture under your breast, which prevents formation of rashes.


It is important to choose the right sports bra. Wearing the right one can help you reduce bouncing of breast by as much as 50%.