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Sports Hoodies & Coats

Sports Hoodies & Coats

How to Choose the Right Hoodie

When rain drops start pouring, the first item that we usually grab is either their umbrella or their hoodie. A hoodie is the epitome of warm, comfortable, and versatile clothing, which is why many consider this as a wardrobe essential. Used in many occasions, hoodies are worn when the temperature starts to cool, or during sweat-busting workouts, or simply during a casual day outside.  

Since it’s been a favorite of shoppers like us for quite some time, hoodie styles are taken into another level by having variety of designs rather than just the typical pullover hoodies. But before you grab the item and add it to the cart, take time to check if it possesses the three most important characteristics of a quality hoodie. 

The first feature offered by hoodies is the promise of warmth and comfort. What’s inside definitely matters, and whether it’s made of fleece, cotton, polyester, or the mix of those three, their interiors can provide the wearers heat insulation when days are slightly chilly. Other than this, because of its loose and long structure, one can get the feeling of being wrapped inside a cozy blanket. Another special function for hoodies is the provision of protection. Make sure that these hooded-long sleeves are thick enough to shield people from the ultraviolet rays that may seep into our skin and also from the freezing wind or ice-cold rain. Lastly, the design of the hoodie should be versatile enough so that they can be used in the gym, during class lectures, or even in boat rides. 

Many types of hoodies have been featured in magazines and worn by store mannequins. An addition to the overhead kind are the zip up hoodies that encourages layering of clothes. You can wear a simple shirt underneath or a tailored jacket on top for this garment. A spectrum of options are laid out as well with design and color variety and the release of plaid, striped, athletic and graphic choices give them the popularity and demand boost.

However, if you're not a fan of vibrant colors and loud statements, you can opt for the classic black hoodieWearing this item in the default color can give us the slimming effect, which we know you'd appreciate. Another selling point is that it also makes it easier for us to pair it with other garments. 

Overall, this item of apparel solves our problem of comfort, design, and functional clothing. With countless merchandise in every store, you should always remember to get what best suits your style, size, and need.