Statement Skirts

Statement Skirts

Skirts are the ultimate feminine piece for women, with choices ranging from short to long, colorful to plain, to various cuts and styles. It is impossible to just stick to having one in your closet because there are just too many to choose from. However, if you really want to stand out in a crowd, then opt for something more eye-catching than a black skirt, go and buy a statement skirt!

What is a statement skirt?

Basically, anything you put on to catch attention! Although we all dress to impress, sometimes you just want to pop out a little more with some bold prints or figure-flattering shapes. Statement skirts are also a great way to emphasize your personality and be a bit more playful than boring. It does not have to be something over-the-top, but you can also opt for standard jean skirts but with something unique, like an asymmetric hem.

There can literally be thousands of possibilities when you are looking for a statement skirt. They are also very easy to mix and match, and can really be appropriate for various occasions. If you are thinking to add a few to your closet, here are some pieces to begin with:

1. A colorful sequined mini skirt

Wearing this with a plain black of your top will make your skirt design pop out even more. This is one outfit you can wear with you to work, but also go out on a date or a night out with. At the same time, you are not being over-the-top but just with a nice touch of color and bling to look extraordinary.

2. A fringed skirt

A lot of skirts and outfits seem quite dull and flat, so why not add a bit of texture into your wardrobe? Some fringes are not just eye-popping, but they are perfect for adding a bit of curve if you are a bit skinny. 

3. A polka-dot pleated skirt

Much like a fringed skirt, a pleated skirt adds volume to what might otherwise be a flat skirt. Make it even more special by choosing one with that classic polka-dot style! Retro but at the same time, oh-so-feminine, you will be turning heads everywhere you go!

4. An animal-print midi skirt

Leopard or other animal prints are also classic patterns that will automatically make a statement. The best thing about this skirt? It goes perfectly with a cropped top.

5. A floral pencil skirt

This is a skirt that makes you appear like a stylish boss. Professional but not boring like a normal black pencil skirt, is also a skirt that transforms from day to night perfectly.

6. A neon colored flowing skirt

Your favorite skirt for sunny days, not only do you get to experiment with colors that are uncommon, but also make you look boho chic.

These are just some samples that you can start with. You can also browse through our other skirts to find more interesting designs, styles, and various cuts to make that statement: “look at me!”