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Straight Leg Pants

Straight Leg Pants

How to Style Straight Leg Pants

The skinny pants may be on their way out already, and instead, straight leg pants are becoming trendy again. This is great news for all you women out there because not only are they more comfortable, but they are also flattering to almost every body type. This makes a pair of slim fit pants a must have in your closet now.

What makes this look great is that it makes your legs look longer and slimmer, especially when paired with a short jacket and nude pumps. They can also disguise curvy hips or full thighs, but make sure you don’t choose a pair that is too loose between the waist and knees, otherwise it can look too baggy. 

A good pair will have the same width from the thighs down to the hem, creating a straight line that will flatter every body type. In comparison, skinny jeans that are tight at the bottom will highlight fuller hips. Even women who are of slender built will look great because it highlights their figure.

Where can you wear them? Your straight leg jeans can be worn for a business look, all the way to a more casual one. It all depends on the material and what you partner it with. For a tailored look, choose a pair of white or suit black trousers and pair it with a contrasting blouse and a smart blazer. 

For that summer weekend, keep it all white, with skinny khaki pants and a loose shirt with ballet pumps. Carry a nice colorful tote bag for contrast. For a casual look, choose a shirt and a leather jacket. Complete the look with your most comfortable sneakers. You can also wear these jeans during autumn by donning a fitted sweater and a pair of flats. 

Of course, high-heeled shoes and pumps also look great with it, as well as boots. Just watch out for the right hem length, that they are not too long to cover your shoes. Wearing them a bit cuffed at the bottom will highlight your heels.

You can find your new pair of straight jeans in various fabrics and patterns, making it all the more adaptable to any season or occasion. We also have straight pants that are the same length from the thighs all the way down or slim straight versions that become a bit narrower below the knees.

Finally, here come jeans that will flatter each and every body type, so go and buy yourself a pair now!