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Types of Swimwear

If you're looking for swimwear there are many to choose from, ranging from one piece to two piece, and from petite to plus size bathing suits. One of the main options is the type of swimsuit. They include the following ones:

1. One-piece

One piece bathing suits are among the different styles of swimsuits available for women. This is also known as a tank suit because it inspired the tank top. This is a primary type of swimsuit that's available in different designs, colors, and sizes.

2. Bikini

This is a two-piece swimsuit including one for the upper body and one for the lower body. This results in an uncovered area between the two pieces.

One interesting thing about the bikini is that there are many variations. They include the string bikini, which is skimpier than a standard bikini.

3. Tankini

This swimsuit combines a tank top and a bikini bottom. This bikini style showed up in the late 1990s. The top is usually made of materials such as cotton, nylon, Lycra and spandex. It combines the modesty of a one-piece swimsuit and ease-of-wear of a two-piece swimsuit.

The tankini is available in many styles, shapes, and colors. Some of them include features such as a push-up bra.  

Meanwhile, a sling bikini or "suspender bikini" is a one-piece suit that can provide less coverage than a bikini.  

4. Bandeaukini

This type of swimsuit is also known as a Bandini. It's a bandeau (strip) top that has the look of a piece of cloth. There are no shoulder straps. It's worn with any bikini bottom.

Sales of bandeaukinis have grown fast among young women shoppers. In fact, this kind of bikini has reduced sales of the classic tankini. A bandeaukini can be fasted in the front or back. Sometimes it is entirely elastic so it does not require a fastener. It sometimes includes a detachable halter strap that provides the top with more support.

5. Skirtini

This type of bikini has a bikini tip and a small skirt bottom. The goal is to combine a swimsuit and everyday wear since it combines more coverage.

Certain skirtinis have become trendy since the start of the millennium. In the past, there were already swimsuits that looked like dresses/skirts. However, the skirtini is a little shorter than an average skirt.

6. Microkini

As its name suggests, it is a very skimpy bikini. Extra straps are used to keep the swimsuit attached to the woman's body.