One of the most basic clothing essentials, t-shirt can also make a woman like you look really good depending on how you style yourself. Even a plain white tee can make us women look classy and elegant if we partner it with black skinny jeans and black leather high heels for example. There are many ways to wear cool t shirts because there are different types you can choose from.


Though there is no standard classification of tees, they can be classified according to neck shape, fabric used, and others.


Shape of Neck


The neck shape of a t-shirt can affect your overall look. The most common shapes are round and v. If you want to achieve a more ragged look, then you can wear a v neck tee, worn out jeans, and leather boots. You can also use v neck tees to more casual gatherings. The key is the proper choice of other clothing you’ll wear with it. The round neck, on the other hand, is more commonly worn during ordinary days. But you can also choose to wear them even during casual events.




You can classify your tees in your closet according to design. For example, you may put together your funny t shirts and separate them from the more formal shirts. Funny tees are those with print at the front or back with funny lines, images, or anything that looks fun. Then, there are also statement shirts, which we usually see during elections or other more political events. It may have a call supporting a particular candidate or a call to protect the environment. You may also have a set of tees printed with colorful graphics. Many years ago, we only know about shirt dyeing. Now, there are machines used for t shirt printing.   


Design is also manifested in the length and width of the t-shirt. Today, tees that are below the crotch area or just a few inches above the knee are having a momentum. Many young women are seen wearing them these days.




The type of fabric used also determines whether or not a tee is appropriate for certain occasions. The most commonly used fabrics are combed cotton, linen, jersey, modal, polyester, rayon, pima, organic cotton, slub and rib knit. Of these fabrics, pima or supima is the type of cotton with the highest quality. It is made using pima cotton that is 100% grown in America.  


With these different classification of t-shirts, you surely now know how to use tees properly.