Top Handles

Top Handles

No outfit is ever complete without that handbag. Evolving from an item of necessity to one of style and fashion, women collect them to be worn on appropriate occasions. However, its utility is still the main consideration when buying one. After all, they are still supposed to store your valuables, make-up, and other daily needs. At the same time, they should be handy enough to carry easily.

One of the best types of bags to have is a top handles one. Big enough to store the necessities but not too huge to carry on your arm, it is also perfect for showing off while keeping your hands free. After all, a shoulder one is somehow hidden and a clutch leaves you one hand less to use. Even better, these leather bags are flexible, matching different outfits from casual to professional. 

What to look out for

Top handles are one of the most common types of bags out there. They are differentiated by the two short handles on each side, though sometimes accompanied by a longer strap as well. Traditionally these leather handbags are found in neutral colors, but nowadays they can be found in every shade available and even with different prints or designs. A huge buckle is normally the way to close the bag.

When it comes to materials, leather is, of course, the most durable and classic. This type of bag is the kind you bring with you daily to work and to going out for dinner with friends. It is normally too big and informal for parties or dates, but otherwise, they are your everyday bags. Versions with shiny leather or interesting patterns look dressier.

How and where to buy them

Because of its popularity, it’s not that difficult to find a top handles bag that fits your budget. Low-end versions may, however, be made of other materials and may not be as long lasting. Other than boutiques and department stores, most online bag sellers will have a version on sale.

If you are, however, searching for designer handbags it is best to go directly to websites of luxury brands and department stores to be sure of authenticity and condition. Although you can find secondhand ones in mint condition. 

Not only are these top handles bags stylish and handy, they are also of the right size for daily use. So if you are trying to decide which types to collect, these should be your top choice!