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Track Pants

Track Pants

The Versatile Track Pant 

Although comfortable, track pants are not necessarily what you would first consider a fashionable item, right?  Well, we are here to prove to you that the popularity of street style has meant those sweatpants have now crossed over from the gym out into the runway. In fact, these clothes that you normally don for yoga or working out are so trendy now, that they are being manufactured in different prints to be worn on various occasions. 

It might be surprising to see how versatile those cargo pants actually are. We take it now as a challenge to prove to you that this can translate from tomboyish to even elegant, when styled correctly. This is why these pants are now a smashing success in the fashion blogs. 

Whether you are actually athletic and own a pair for going to the gym or playing a sport, or you just have them because they are just so comfortable, you can easily style them in different ways. Especially when temperatures start to drop, they can be perfect and warm. Their elastic waist and the fluid fabric actually make them easy to wear and look great so long as they do not bunch up at the hem. So how can you make it work?

1. Make it look more feminine

It might seem strange to wear your track pants with heels, but sleek plain black ones do actually go well with a flowing top or blouse. For work, you can even don your black pointed pumps and a blazer with it. The key is to make sure your sweatpants are not too baggy and end right at the ankle.

2. Choose different prints or colors

The good thing about this new trend is that they are now available in various prints beyond the classic black with white stripe version. Eye-catching versions with leopard print, or even khaki pants can look less sporty and are easier to style.

3. Forget the boots

These are not a pair of pants that will look good with boots. Sexy pumps and sandals are much better, or of course, sneakers for a more casual look.

4. The classic street style

If you are not the type to wear heels, don’t worry. Casual slip-on sneakers go well with a chunky sweater or cardigan for that relaxed street look. 

Because of the variety of styles you can create with your track pants, it is perfect for every woman, whether the ultra-feminine type or the sporty chick. So here’s to being trendy and comfortable at the same time!