Cotton-blend Tunics


Tunic is one of the most wearable pieces of clothing these days. For many women, it is one of the modern and most stylish outfit that they can wear in different occasions and events. Tunic tops are anything that has a length that reach between the hips and the ankles. During the ancient times, both men and women are seen wearing tunics in Rome and Greece. Today, there are now many versions that allow women to become really comfortable and stylish at the same time.


So, if you don’t have that much tunics in your closet, it may be high time for you to buy more. But before you head to the store or purchase online, here are some tips you can consider to ensure you end up with the high quality ones.


Brand Name and Materials Used


The materials used in making any clothing item is one huge factor that affects quality. The same goes with any tunic dress. You have to determine whether the fabric used is of high quality. Among the fabrics with the highest quality are pima cotton and silk. These fabrics are also great provider of comfort. Generally, the brand name signifies quality. This is particularly true if the name is established and has a good reputation in the fashion industry.


Design and Neck Shape


Another tip you must consider is the neck shape and design of the tunic. The shape of your body or your body type will heavily affect your choice. With this, you have to be aware of your body and how does it look like. In general, there are three types of body according to shapes. These are pear shape body, inverted triangle shape body, and apple shape body.


If you have an apple shape body, look for tunics that have belts and v shape neck. This will make you look curvy. Choose the dark colored ones so it will hide the bulkiness of your upper body. Lastly, partner it with black leggings so you’ll have lean-looking legs.


If your body is inverted triangle in shape, choose tunics with straps. This is to highlight your body’s bottom part. Avoid those with boat shape necks. Lastly, partner it with printed or embroidered leggings.


If your body is pear shape, wear A-line tunics with square or boat neck. Also, choose those with highlighted shoulders. Apply these tips even if you’re also buying tunic sweaters. Lastly, pair it with dark colored bottoms.