Vests and Gilets

Vests and Gilets

The cold season is the best season to bring out the fashionable you. Stylish and quality vests and gilets are available in almost any shop or even on the Internet. 

Your choice of winter outerwear should not just be limited to coats. You have a great number of modish vests and gilets that you can choose. Gilets are lightweight sleeveless warmers that are perfect for an outdoor activity during winters. You can mix and match sweaters and long-sleeved blouses which could be a fun and creative task. 

Vests are also sleeveless outer garments with a tight fit and mid-waist length. These are commonly made of silk, nylon, cotton, and denim. Men commonly wear silk vests under their tuxedos. Women, too, wear trendy denim, silk, and cotton vests. Nowadays, there are vests made for sportswear as well. 

Gilets and vests may have been used interchangeably. With designers getting more creative in producing creative pieces of gilets and vests, the distinction line blurs. We may have only associated gilets with colder seasons, but now the styles have evolved. Modern gilet styles include kimono-inspired gilet, fur gilet, denim gilet, or even a biker gilet. Collectively, there are 3 kinds of available vests and gilets according to function: technical, down, and casual.

The black vest commonly worn by men belongs to the casual category.  There are the modern designs we normally see our fave celebrities put on. The cuts are varied, depending on the designer's taste. If there's one particular characteristic you need to pay attention to when buying, it would be the quality of the material. Sometimes, all vests and gilets can look the same with only a slight difference of pouches and buttons. To serve their purpose, you need to choose the material appropriately. You most certainly cannot just wear a denim vest to a formal event. A silk or a polyester vest of the same cut would absolutely look formal and crisp. 

Then, we have the down vest and gilet. Down outerwear are filled with insulation materials for the sole purpose of keeping the users warm. They are usually quilted, appearing puffed and pocketed on the outside. Down fills are lightweight, and so they are great for outdoor activities. Choose your sweaters accordingly to give your down gilet a fashionable look.

Lastly, we have what we call as a technical vest and gilet. These are intended for specific sports. Say, the bulletproof vest which is intended for shooting. There's also a gilet intended for hunting with pockets, cushions, and straps for the hunter's tools. Bikers may use specialized down gilets when going through elevated and colder areas. 

When buying, check out the construction of the vest or gilet. If it's not the material, sometimes it's the quality of construction that is substandard. Always inspect the hemlines for any loose threads or misalignments.