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Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when mentioning the word “wrap dress”? Is it something sleek and form-fitting? Graceful and flowing? If any of these are similar sprang to mind, you’d be right. A wrap dress which made its debut around the 1950s and slowly grew in popularity right around the turn of the century and into today’s modern world. It’s a style of dress that has changed many times since its inception and is now loved and respected in the world of fashion – being held in the collections of many popular and famous fashion designers such as Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and more.

A wrap dress is a regular dress with a twist; instead of going all the way around the body and connecting, it opens up at the front and is closed by wrapping one side across the other. By doing this, a V-shaped neckline is formed and hugs the wearer’s curves. Here are some different styles of wrap dresses to keep you interested.

A-Line – This is a wrap dress that can be worn by any woman. What this means is that no matter what the woman’s size is, a wrap dress can comfortably and loosely be used with no fitting problems. It goes neatly over the bust leaving it not too exposed but not too hidden. Just the perfect flattering amount of cleavage is shown in order to remain flashy and enticing.

Empire Line – Another popular type of wrap dress. The Empire Line has been around FOREVER and is a popular choice among most designers’ apparel showcase pieces.

Faux Wrap Dress – These are not actually wrap dresses per se. They actually have no opening at the front; it is just that the front portion is designed to look as if it is being wrapped around. This dress is worn by slipping it over the head and pulling it down over the body.

All in all, wrap dresses are the perfect type of dress that exude classiness, style, and fashion, but at the same time say that you’re the kind of woman who likes to enjoy and take it easy as well. Coupled with accessories or trinkets, it can become a fine accompanying outfit for any type of evening activities. Attempt to locate a wrap dress that fits your form and we are sure you’ll be pleased with the outcome.