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Wrap Skirts

Tips for Buying Quality Wrap Skirts


Skirts have been an essential item in most women’s wardrobe closet. This year, wrap around skirts are gaining momentum as famous models and celebrities are seen wearing them. Take for example British Vogue contributing editor, television presenter and fashion model Alexa Chung. She was recently seen wearing a navy wrap-style piece during one of the 2016 fall fashion shows. The pencil-like wrap around skirt she was wearing looks really sophisticated. To give the look a preppy spin, she wore blue ruffled button-down with a gray sweater draping over her shoulders.


Skirts are versatile because you can achieve different looks by matching them with the appropriate pieces of clothing. Don’t stay outdated. Shop for skirts now and use them to experiment with your styles. But before that, there are tips you must consider to make sure you are buying just the high quality ones.


Materials and their Quality


Only the right materials can make a great looking wrap maxi skirt and other types of skirt. Among the most commonly used materials are chiffon, cargo fabric, denim, ponte fabric, faux leather and printed fabrics. You can ensure that you are buying skirts made of high quality materials if you buy from reputable clothing stores. Though there are now numerous online stores, it’s still better to buy clothing items personally.


Latest Design


Surely, you’ll find a lot of skirts in department stores, online stores and ready to wear shops. However, not all of them look current and pleasing. You have to be aware of the designs that are not just current but are trendy as well. Design comes in many ways. The trending designs now include mini wrap skirt with scalloped edge, bold colored skirt with crystal buttons, cargo-style skirts with eyelet details, classic and timeless black skirts, frayed denim, ballet wrap skirt and striped pieces.     




Though wrap skirts are worn by wrapping them around your waist, it’s best to have skirts that can be worn in more than one ways. Reversible skirts are also trending now because women can wear them in many ways. This is so true for two-layered reversible skirts. Imagine paying for one skirt that you can wear in different ways.


Aside from these tips, it is also practical to consider designer skirts. You may think that they are expensive because of the designer’s name on it. But today, the stiffer competition among designers has made possible the availability of reasonably affordable wrap skirts.