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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cropped Tops

Cropped Tops

Black Friday is a day that follows Thanksgiving. As per convention, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November and hence Black Friday is a day after that. So, the next question is obviously, when is Black Friday in the year 2016? The answer would be C 25th November. The day is very special because this is a day of shopping deals. This day is a retailers dream day as consumers spend full throttle irrespective of the economic condition. This year, it is estimated that roughly 1 billion USD will be spent by Americans all over the USA on this one particular day. Cyber Monday is an online retailers dream. Remember those cropped tops youve been meaning to buy, well this day is perfect for it. When one asks- when is Black Friday, there is no religious significance to it. It was often mistaken for religion till its buddy Cyber Monday came along. This is just the day following Thanksgiving when people go shopping. It began as a trend in the 1960s and saw traffic jams and clogged streets and was a cops nightmare. Hence the Philadelphia Police gave this name to this day and ever since, it has been known that way. Later on when this trend caught up, the stores saw their revenues moving from red (loss) to black (profit) and hence Black Friday. Together with Cyber Monday it marks the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas.