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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Down Coats

Down Coats

Shopping trends have for a long time been influenced by changes in technology with the option of buying from brick and mortar stores or shopping online being a good example. Last year, millions of consumers flooded the Internet to take advantage of the annual shopping sale day, Cyber Monday. It almost eclipsed Black Friday too. Analysts tracked web traffic late into the day to see how shoppers would respond to the shopping deadlines, and most shoppers went for second and third helpings of rare online deals. Things like Down Coats can be bought for spectacular deals. A lot of people have their tablets and cell phones ready at the dinner table, and shopping goes on until whatever time the deadlines have been set. Cyber Monday didnt have much of a following just three years ago, but shoppers this year are getting prepared. Data tracking shows that each year more people visit major retailer sites hoping to find once-in-a-lifetime deals on their favorite items. Online retailers basically found a way to get some of the business of Black Friday sales where consumers walk away with some of the best discounts all year. With online shopping being much more convenient, Black Friday could be seeing the end of its days sooner than one would expect if the aggressive discounts on Cyber Monday are anything to go by.