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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Fur and Shearling Coats

Fur and Shearling Coats

Cyber Monday refers to the first Monday after Thanksgiving and has become part of the biggest sales weekend of the year. Americans typically begin the Christmas shopping season by attending Black Friday sales the day after Thanksgiving. Returning to work Monday, many continue shopping, but this time on the Internet. Numerous online merchants offer free shipping or discounted pricing to draw these customers to their websites. Its handy if you didnt get that Fur and Shearling Coat you wanted on Black Friday. The term Cyber Monday was coined in 2005. Retailers had noticed for several years previously, though, that online sales were particularly high the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. In fact, 77 percent of online retailers had seen their sales rise. Naturally, retailers wanted to encourage and take advantage of this development. Black Friday is great of course but if you are an online retailer alone you need more options. You can buy great Fur and Shearling Coats and other outerwear for staggeringly low prices. In 2014, US consumers spent just over $1 billion on Cyber Monday, up from $887 million the year before. The $2 billion mark was hit in 2015. Store managers know they have to advertise steep discounts on sought-after items to persuade shoppers it is worth their time and effort to get up early Friday, or stay up late Thursday, to begin shopping. In much of the country, these post-midnight or pre-dawn sales mean shoppers have to brave extreme cold in addition to frenzied crowds to snag that special bargain before rushing off to the next sale.