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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Kimonos


Black Friday is more commonly known as the day when retailers hit record sales that go way past their annual sales numbers. Shoppers are known to go berserk shopping for everything they desire during the holiday season. It is fascinating to note that Black Friday and Cyber Monday officially mark the beginning of pre-Christmas spending and kick starts the more recently coined Cyber Week phenomenon. It is a happy day after all. It has become a global phenomenon where you can get everything from Kimonos to TV sets for less than half the price from retailers. Cyber Monday will get you deals on things like online hosting and software. Cyber Monday along with the Friday before mark an important weekend for shoppers. It was observed by trade analysts that the day after Thanksgiving Thursday was a day of unparalleled shopping, buying and spending across the USA. Retailers were often experiencing a forward leap in sales during holidays, but the Friday after thanksgiving was incomparable to any sales high in the year. Many retailers and traders who were otherwise low in business also saw and heard their cash registers ringing way beyond expectations. In other words, these traders were low on their annual sales targets or were in the red until the Friday following thanksgiving Thursday. Surprisingly, a single days earnings from Fridays shopping spree moved these traders into the black or into the zone of profitability! Hence, the day came to be known as Black Friday.